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On a quest for increased access to safe water


Community engagement:

Community members are empowered to identify local challenges linked to safe water access, sanitation, hygiene and health at community level and develop local solution for action.

Through community dialogues; AWEC has nurtured valuable partnerships for effective service delivery.

Water Education:

Children are our change agents in schools and communities. AWEC engages children / students (6-20) years in primary and secondary schools through Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) clubs to participate in hands on activities that promote sustainable water use, improved sanitation and hygiene, and environment conservation in schools and homes.

Participatory planning with WASH clubs members and parents has established new partnerships beyond the WASH sector, resulting in the formation of Village Saving and Loan Associations (VSLA) for economic empowerment.

Capacity Building:

AWEC builds the capacity of schools and their neighboring communities to develop, implement sustainable and appropriate technologies for increased access to safe water, improved sanitation & hygiene and environment conservation.

Our Mission

To promote water and environment conservation, capacity building, economic empowerment and infrastructure development through participatory approaches for the wellbeing of women, men, youth around Conservation Areas of Uganda




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